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Why Nepali People

1-Nepali people are calm people due to their nature, beliefs and upbringing.

2-Due to their belief in people, animals and nature they are worshiped in the environment of all assets are endless respect.

3- The country is accustomed to the difficult working conditions of the country where its physical position is mountainous. They maintain their determination in troublesome and hard work, they do not show dissatisfaction with the given job.

4-Nepalese dum is called as Gurkha land, Gurkha soldiers are courageous and warrior souls. The Nepali people are also renowned for their bold structures.

5-80% of the people engaged in agriculture. Nepali people from among the poorest countries in the world know how to content themselves with a few.

6-Due to their beliefs and lives, they love animals and are not afraid of them.

7-In Nepal, where human values ​​are in the foreground, children and babies are very valuable.

8-Nepali people with large families live together in the same house, from year to year. For this reason, respect, love and welcome in their homes; hi Feeds, not diminished.

9-Nepali people who know how to settle for less are generally happy people.

10- key lkeye & ccedil; we are Nepalese people who receive more tourists than they are friendly and helpful people.

They are committed to their 11-year-olds and maintain their traditions as best they can.

12-Nepali official language is Nepali. The second language spoken in Nepal is English and schools are taught English to pupils. For this reason, the public's son speaks middle English. & Nbsp;