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Nepali Home Services Personnel

1-All-in-all We are supplying residential home service personnel throughout the country. & nbsp;

2- Personnel selected by our families are placed in our employer families only with the legal permission to work.

3-Giving detailed information to our families looking for personnel recruitment, answering all questions, proper CV sharing and online organization of the organization is being carried out by our company.

4-Selection of the related legal processes related to the candidate's complete document sharing and follow-up by our company is the responsibility of the company.

5-Existing candidate's working visa Visa application is made by our company.

6-Selection of the candidate's visa procedures, all the ministerial approvals of the country to receive the approval and follow-up of all transactions until you come home is the responsibility of our company.

7-Selection of the candidate's health checks are made from the country, and the original application at the time of the application of the original and the other words of the original is taken to our families.

8-Criminal records of the selected personnel are taken from the national authorities where the personnel is located, and subsequently approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the original is submitted to the Turkish authorities during the application. & Nbsp;